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Another sold-out show in Coquitlam for The Comic Strippers

The Comic Strippers will bring the heat to Coquitlam this month — and take it away in September.

On Saturday, the first official day of summer, the shirtless improv troupe will appear in its third sold-out show at the Evergreen Cultural Centre. And, on Sept. 20, they will return to the Coquitlam venue to close the season and welcome fall.

Coquitlam has been good to The Comic Strippers, said cast member Roman Danylo. So good, in fact, that he wants to make Evergreen its semi-permanent home because of the high-energy audience and accommodating staff.

“They’ve been very good to us,” said Danylo, a veteran comedian who has worked on CTV’s Comedy Inc., adding Coquitlam “is not far from Vancouver so we wouldn’t have to travel. Travelling is hard.”

Danylo is referring to The Comic Strippers’ recent jaunt to Newfoundland, where they had two dates. They’ve also mounted their improv act in Australia as well as around B.C. and Alberta; in Fort McMurray, they played to an audience of 600 “tipsy” folk. “Pretty much everywhere we go they seem pretty enthusiastic,” he said, noting the Lower Mainland has been especially fun for them. “Who would have thunk, eh? You just take your shirt off and everyone comes.”

The June 21 performance in Coquitlam will be their first attempt at the second version of The Comic Strippers. It will have “a substantial chunk of new content,” Danylo said plus different games and routines, extra surprises and some stand-by favourites. And, like the last round, the men in the crowd will be the designated “comedy bodies.” “We’re going to make them look good,” Danylo said.

As for their new work due out in September, The Comic Strippers will entice with noodles and a pussycat doll lip synch.

“We’re putting a lot of effort into it,”  he said.

STORY BY Janis Warren